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Open China brings new opportunities to Thailand

The joy of the harvest. While farmers and fruit growers are busy in rice fields and orchards, the entry of China's e-commerce platform has also brought them new opportunities for development.


A few days ago, the Alibaba group and the Thailand government signed a cooperation agreement. The two sides will cooperate on the construction of the intelligent digital port in the Eastern Economic Corridor of Thailand, the establishment of the official flagship shop of Tmall Thailand fragrant rice, the training of digital talents for small and medium enterprises, and the promotion of digital tourism.

"Chinese companies are contracting my land. I just need to concentrate on planting without worrying about anything else."

In a rice field in the North willow house, the capital of Bangkok, the heavy rice spikes are bent over the rice straw. The breeze flakes gently. The grain and farmers pick up the full panicles with their hands. The farmers of the origin of the fragrant rice still follow the traditional farming methods. Although the yield is limited, the quality of the fragrant rice has been inherited.

"When I was a teenager, I began to work in the rice paddies. I used to eat rice myself, and my output was just enough. In the harvest year, the rice is sold, but there is almost no extra income after tax deduction. Now, different companies in China have contracted my land. I just need to concentrate on planting without worrying about others. Now my income has increased a lot, and I have extra money in the bank to save interest. Farmer Marie was busy collecting rice leaves, laughing to reporters.

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