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Thailand pushes economic transformation and upgrading, and welcomes investment from Chinese hi-tech

Recently, a street survey in Bangkok, Thailand showed that Thailand people's attitude towards China's electricity supplier Alibaba investing in Thailand is optimistic. In the interview, half of the Thailand people said that Ma Yun, the chairman of the board of the Alibaba group, was told from the news that when asked about Ma Yun's views on investing in Thailand, some people said that Ma Yun and its e-commerce would bring opportunities to SMEs to improve the network and logistics system in Thailand. More people think of it. Thailand's famous fruit durian will sell the world through Alibaba's e-commerce network.


As early as April, Ma announced his investment in Thailand when he visited Thailand. During Ma's visit to Thailand, Alibaba signed a sales contract of durian with a value of 3 billion yuan with the relevant parties in Thailand. Tmall was immediately sold on the line of Thailand gold pillow durian, only 1 minutes to sell 80 thousand Thailand durian, to Thailand left a very profound first impression. According to the memorandum signed by the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand and the Alibaba, Tmall will open "Thailand durian flagship store" next year, directly corresponding to the Chinese market. Tmall purchasers in cooperation with Tmall have already wrapped the whole durian orchard in order to ensure adequate and stable supply of durian. Although the performance of the contract is still a year away, the situation of supply exceeding demand has already been formed.


In fact, what Ma Yun has brought to Thailand is not only a large market of durian in China, but also an intelligent logistics network, e - commerce talent and a new business model. According to the memorandum signed by the Alibaba and the Thailand government, the Alibaba group will invest 11 billion baht (about 2 billion 200 million RMB) in Thailand, aiming to build Thailand into the center of e-commerce logistics in Southeast Asia. The Alibaba will build the intelligent digital center in the eastern Thailand economic corridor, enhance the ability of Thailand enterprises in the digital economy, train the talents of digital economy, and promote the Thailand tourism tourism platform.


After the period of slow economic growth from 2011 to 2016, the Thailand government proposed to transform the economy into a high value-added innovation and service driven economy, that is, the so-called Thailand 4 strategy. The three major development plans of Thailand's 4 strategy include improving infrastructure construction, building the Eastern Economic Corridor and promoting Thailand's entry into the digital age. In promoting the development of Thailand into the digital age, it includes the development of online shopping and the goal of Thailand as the gateway gateway in the region.


From a macro perspective, the Thailand 4 strategy has a high degree of agreement with China's "one belt and one road" initiative. The cooperation between China's electricity supplier Alibaba and Thailand is the concrete embodiment of Thailand's 4 strategy and the "one belt and one road" initiative. The Alibaba promotion network shopping in Thailand, and the large e-commerce logistics center built in the Eastern Economic Corridor, and the ability to help the small and medium sized enterprises in Thailand to improve the use of the Internet are all in urgent need of Thailand's economic transformation. It can be said that Alibaba complies with the development needs of the 4 war strategy in Thailand


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