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Speech in the Press Conference of The Second China-ASEAN (Thailand) Commodity Fair

Speech in the Press Conference of The Second China-ASEAN (Thailand) Commodity Fair

Time: 14:00, July 25th

Distinguished Economic and Commercial Counselor of China Embassy to Thailand, Mr. Gao Wenkuan
Executive Director of Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Mr. TingAn Mao,
Distinguished Dr.Aksornsri Phanishsarn,

Dear friends from the media,
Ladies and gentlemen,

Good afternoon!

First, on behalf of the organizer and hosts of this China-ASEAN (Thailand) Commodity Fair, I would like to extend my warm welcome and heartfelt gratitude to all the officials and guests present in today’s press conference.

Supported by the Chinese government and Thai government as well as related bodies, the first China-ASEAN (Thailand) Commodity Fair or CACF was successfully held in Bangkok, Thailand in January 2012. The four-day show attracted over 11,000 buyers from 41 countries and regions, including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Burma. As requested, the second CACF will be held in Muang Thong Thani Convention and Exhibition Center in Bangkok on August 23rd -26th this year.

Covering a floor space of five square kilometers, this CACF involves over 140 exhibitors from Chinese provinces and municipalities, including Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Jilin and Chongqing, and countries such as Malaysia. The show will be divided into four major sections according to product categories: machinery and electronic goods, building materials, household appliances and food.

Based on the successful experience in the first CACF, the organizer and hosts have enhanced publicity and improved the services. So far we are getting well-prepared for the show which is featured by three distinctive characteristics:

First, we have made a careful selection of exhibitors and for the first time in history incorporated Southeast Asian companies, creating a more internationalized and diversified exhibition.

To ensure exhibition quality, applicants chosen are prestigious and experienced in producing and exporting fine goods at low price. Besides, this CACF marks our first time to include foreign companies, a strong move towards an internationalized and diversified exhibition that promotes economic and cultural communication.

Second, guided and supported by Chinese government and Thai government, we have been catering to market demand.

As the heart of the 10 ASEAN countries and the hub of economy, finance and aviation, Thailand delivers strong radiation effect to neighboring countries and regions. Since China is Thailand’s second largest trading partner, the largest export market and the second largest import source, CACF meets market needs and stages a platform for trade talks and technology and information exchange between China and ASEAN countries, especially Thailand. We are honored to receive guidance and support from Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office of China Embassy to Thailand, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Office of SME Promotion of Thailand, Datai International Group (Thailand), and other institutions . Senior officials from related bodies will attend the opening ceremony on August 23rd.

Third, we have developed more publicity channels in more regions.

 To enhance exhibition effect, the organizer, based on previous experiences, has adopted more measures to enhance promotion: 1. Increasing input in publicity and advertising in countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. 2. Inviting more buyers to CACF through our large existing client base accumulated from years of Canton Fairs. 3. Attracting buyers with the help of Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce to post the CACF information on websites and publications of Chinese Chambers of Commerce in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries in Southeast Asia. 4. Mobilizing exhibitors to attract more buyers. Exhibitors can get the electronic version of our invitation to send to their existing buyers in Southeast Asia.

With our concerted efforts and our media friends’ support, we strongly believe that the second CACF will go beyond the first one.

That is a briefing of our preparatory work.

Finally, I would like to thank all the officials, guests and the media friends again for your attendance to today’s press conference. We look forward to seeing you in this CACF.

Thank you.

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