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The Thai baht trend continued appreciation

Of the pound fell to 31 years to the lowest point Bank (Bay) director of international marketing executive but de prediction, this year second half of the global financial market trend more volatile, Britain from the European Brexit) are in. At the end of this year & pound; fear of further fell to the remaining 1.2 pounds to the dollar, we must closely track the flow of funds.

After the end of the trend trend will rise to the Bank forecast that at the end of this year the baht exchange at 35.5 baht against $1 floating around 2017 in the first quarter of 35.25 baht against $1, 2017 in the season 2 may further l arrived 35 baht against the dollar, the reason is the British Central Bank of England and the European Central Bank (ECB) tended to increase with loose monetary measures, the British are more likely in the fourth quarter cut interest rates to zero, the system due to the liquidity increased significantly, foreign capital inflows to emerging markets for higher pay. At the same time, the U. S. Federal Reserve (reserve) 7-11 months bide one's time, in the presidential election in November, December to consider raising interest rates.

Analysis of the large city banks, yen exchange rate trend continued appreciation. At the end of this year may be climbed against 0.362 yen 1 baht, sterling exchange rate estimated depreciation to 43.9 sterling against the dollar, the euro exchange rate fell to 38 euro (against about $1. Therefore, private enterprises should in advance to avoid foreign exchange risk, due to many factors affect the exchange rate movements on the second half of the year.

In Thailand this year, economic trends, but points out Thai economy has shown signs of recovery, this year's gross domestic product (GDP) is estimated to grow 3%, from the United Kingdom limited impact caused by the EU to Thailand, the official to accelerate the implementation of investment projects will help enhance the confidence of private investment, estimation still maintain a barrel $40 of low oil prices, policy interest rates also tend to remain unchanged at a low of 1.5%, plus the government introduced measures to stimulate the real estate and small and medium enterprises (SME) growth, drought remission, tourism trend recovery is good. The negative factors, the global economy exhausted soft fear affects the performance of Thai exports, and household debt tends to be high.

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